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Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.

Patient FAQs

Provided below are some common patient-inquired-about items related to J.A. Villarreal women’s clinic business operations. These common items involve privacy practices, billing, and health insurance matters.

Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact us through one of our communication methods:

Phone: 361-387-7177
Direct: 888-387-7177
Fax: 361-387-8355
Email: javillarrealmd@gmail.com

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Patient Privacy

We take your privacy seriously and use your medical information only where necessary to support the services you receive from J.A. Villarreal women’s clinic. We also take precautions to protect your health information during communication (verbal, paper, or electronic form).

For the specific details about those practices or to obtain a copy of your protected health information (PHI), please contact our office at 361-387-7177.

Accepted Health Insurances

A variety of healthcare insurances are accepted here at J.A. Villarreal women’s clinic. However, because insurance coverage and/or benefits can vary based on the plan that a patient has enrolled in, it is recommended for you to contact our office and verify your healthcare insurance plan’s acceptance.

An alternative option for seeing plan eligibility is to consult with your health insurance provider's customer service center.

Billing and Payments

Depending on the type of service received and the insurance coverage that the patient is enrolled in, you may be responsible for a full or partial payment (ex. Copay, Coinsurance, Other type of Deductibles).

Payment Methods

Most modern forms of payment are accepted. Patients that choose to use a major credit card method should contact our office to ask if your credit card issuer is currently being accepted, as these may change without notice.