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Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.

Laboratory Testing

Information gained through appropriate laboratory specimens is essential to the proper evaluation and management of your medical conditions. Therefore, we send our patients to CLIA accredited laboratories that use only the most up to date equipment and protocols.

Laboratory testing is performed at Quest Laboratories or LabCorp Laboratories. The determination of the laboratory that you go to is determined by the health insurance you are enrolled with. You will be given the necessary lab request forms at the time of your visit with instructions for any special preparation for the testing. Both labs have offices in the Calallen area. If you live outside the Calallen area, let us know and we can help make arrangements to have your labs drawn at a location nearer to you. Please contact our office, with any questions.

Some CLIA-waived lab tests are done in the office and these include but are not limited to:

  • Urinalysis Testing
  • Affirm III Microbial Identification Testing
  • Urine Pregnancy Testing
  • etc.