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Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.Women’s health care throughout every stage of life.

OB GYN Ultrasound


Obstetric and gynecologic ultra sound tests or sonograms are conveniently performed in our office by our certified ultrasonographer. All scans are reviewed by your physician and the information will be used to determine the next course of action.

Two methods of ultrasonography can be performed. A transvaginal sonogram allows a very good visualizing of the ovaries or seeing the pregnancy in the early stages (less than 12 weeks gestation). An abdominal sonogram is used for visualizing the uterus, especially when it is larger than normal and for pregnancies in the second and third trimesters. This does require the bladder to be full and you will be instructed on how to best prepare for the sonogram when you are scheduled. We understand that for the obstetrical patient, the viewing of your new baby is exciting for all.

3-D and 4-D Sonograms

Technological advances now allow for the creation of 3-dimensional imaging (3-D) of your new baby as well as viewing in motion (4D). This is an exciting way to “see” your new baby before he/she arrives! The pictures and video are loaded onto a DVD so you can view them whenever you want or show your friends and family when they drop by for a visit.

The 3-D and 4-D sonograms are for your personal enjoyment and are not a medically useful or indicated procedure. These sonograms are not covered by your insurance. We do offer a 3D/4D imaging package. Please call our receptionist for costs and scheduling at which time you will be directed to the ultrasonographer. We understand that for the obstetrical patient, the viewing of your new baby is exciting for all. We welcome one or two adults to be present with you during your sonogram, but arrangements for children to be present must be discussed and approved ahead of time with the ultrasonographer.